Our Hero(in)es

Allison "Ally" Mancer Sheila "Rumble" Spellman Reece "Vixy" Craft
Ally Sheila Reece

Every team needs a level-headed leader, and that's Ally to a T. Friendly, goofy and steadfast in her duties, it's her job to keep her two friends reined in and on duty. She has to keep an eye on her husband Peter, who needs a woman's touch on occasion. She is not without a sense of humor; after all, how many rabbits like to wear a magician's outfit?

Sheila, a ‘roo of few words, is the most down-to-earth member of our Power Trio. She firmly believes that the quickest way to a man’s heart is straight through his rib cage. When she’s not pounding the ‘bad’ out of bad guys, Sheila adores punk rock, likes to cook, and tolerates her husband's music as best she can.

Reece? Don’t let the vixen’s ditzy façade fool you: She knows exactly what she’s doing. And thanks to her psychic powers, she knows exactly what you’re doing, too—plus what you will do in future.

Supporting Cast

Peter Mancer William Spellman Nick Craft

Ally's husband, and a poor office drone who works for a magazine. Although Peter is dependent on Ally for fashion decisions, he's reliable at his job and a good provider. Plus, he's good at elbowing Ally when she needs to lighten up.

Sheila's husband, and a rock star wannabe. A great guitar player with a questionable singing voice, he is chivalrous to no end. Even Sheila melts when he comes to her rescue, either in public or just with a well-timed pizza.

Reece's husband, and manager at the local McDunlaps. He's slowly being worn down by annoying customers, questionable corporate marketing and his fast-paced wife. Still, Nick is resilient, and his sarcastic demeanor thinly masks his deeper love of humanity.



A villainous winged reptile, Temujin is part of a larger conspiracy with as-yet unrevealed plans for the Earth. Although evil, Temujin is very polite and friendly, so much so that she'd want to be the Enchanters' friends if she wasn't so determined to do them in.

A deer witch in Temujin's employ, she carries out her bosses' whims on Earth while the evil conspiracy is focused elsewhere. Crafty and devious, she is eager to please Temujin. Unfortunately for her, this put her in the crosshairs of Ally, Sheila and Reece, who made short work of her plans. Recently changed into a deertaur, she seeks revenge against the girls.


Guest Stars

Ally's mother, a rabbit Enchanter who occasionally visits her daughter. Like most Enchanters, she has a very low opinion of mortals, thanks to her race's customary smug, wealth-and-power-fueled sense of superiority. Initially dismissive of Peter, she has come to grudgingly accept that mortal’s presence in her daughter’s life.

Sheila's father, a kangaroo Enchanter whose frequent one-night stands with mortal women have earned him his philandering reputation. Thinks mortals are inferior but cute—which actually makes him one of the more sympathetic Enchanters when it comes to mortals.

Kaige and Kiley
Two dragon bounty hunters/mercenaries, they're allies of the girls who pop up on occasion. Kaige is a little cocky and self-promoting; Kiley is demure and playful. Both of them have standards and only enter conflicts against deserving targets, offering protection from evil to any species at reasonable rates.

A lioness Enchanter who runs Haven, a shelter for both magical beings who are on the run from their home worlds for political or social reasons and mortals who have been the victims of magic. A caring soul with an open heart, she's one of the few Enchanters besides the main characters to take an interest in non-magical beings.

A half-mortal, half-demoness fox who handles security and maintenance duties at Selinda's Haven. Due to having a father who was a six-armed demon and a mortal mother, she has a four-armed appearance. Her powers include the ability to make duplicates of herself. She is very protective of her home and charges, and suspicious of outsiders.

A mutated deer who is one of the residents at Selinda's Haven. Transformed into a naga-ish monster by Ceryn, Ian has a cautious outlook, yet still manages to remain friendly and helpful to others.

A bat from an alien world, hiding out at Selinda's Haven from her brother, a criminal on her home planet. Echo is a textbook example of a Perky Goth; she's a cheerful necromancer who can 'resurrect' zombie-like followers and normally has a good relationship with her undead minions.