» Comics - A Wish to Build a Dream On #6 - September 7th, 2016, 12:09 am

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He's been stuck in that lamp so long, he can but hope to dream of such novel delights as cream candy, molasses, and horehound.

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I have a feeling this is going to be one of those Monkey's Paw type deals.

posted by Trimicanzi (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 12:32 am

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@Trimicanzi: Nothing bad can ever come from Reese's Pieces. Nothing. Except maybe diabetes. But that's an exception, not the rule.

posted by Salen on September 7th, 2016, 6:17 am

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Wish number one going well so far. Now seeing how bad the other two are going to turn out.

posted by Night-X (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 8:22 am

  WISH #1???? ( Reply )

@Night-X: Might not be an official #1. She did not do it "knowingly", See "Aladdin" and the genii in the cave. Anywhoo, 3 wishes is not always mandatory, just traditional. The idea is to enforce the admonition of "Be careful what you wish for, You just might get it!" Any how, the big wolf just wants to get at the "confectionaries"..LOL

posted by THE COLONEL (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 10:05 am

  Ms B ( Reply )

Now. ain't she a cutey of a skunkette? And just how are the girls, and Prismo. going to get mixed up in this???? This might just be fun for a change.
BTW. Is the Astrodummie actually being used for anything these days? Seems a shame, though I haven't been happy with Houston since The Oilers fired Bum Phillips, and the jumped ship to Nashville. Titans..Phooey! WCJ

posted by THE COLONEL (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 10:15 am

  NOTE ( Reply )

Should note..Native Texican, says so on the birth cert. bout 100 mi east in Orange. Where? yeah on the dry side of the Sabine, in both senses of the term,,LOL

posted by THE COLONEL (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 10:19 am

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@THE COLONEL: Colonel... are you off your meds again?

posted by DarkwingDork on September 7th, 2016, 10:38 am

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No meds just out of work and frustrated. The joke is that the last time I checked, Orange county is still "dry" and the Lousyanna side of the river is a bloody large swamp!!!
Late news from the interweb, according to the TACB, orange is listed as partially dry??????

posted by THE COLONEL (Guest) on September 7th, 2016, 11:07 am

  Da Djinn ( Reply )

At least he is not blue. Tiny fellow ain't he? What was the comment? "GREAT COSMIC POWER...little tiny living space.." Ms. B. is going to have an "interesting" time of it, and sure a shootin' the gals will be in it up to their necks!!!

posted by THE COLONEL (Guest) on September 8th, 2016, 1:30 pm

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This can only end in hijinks.

posted by Marshal Banana (Guest) on September 8th, 2016, 7:26 pm

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Who here wishes they had a Djinn?... Sorry, but for that wish to be possible, you may already have one, and you can't have more than one at a time, even if the your last wish is to have another, you still would have the first. They have to be with you until the wish is completely fulfilled. =}

posted by Dimensional too lazy to sign in (Guest) on September 9th, 2016, 3:21 am

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Wait? There's a Confectionaries novel? Where can I get my paws on that?

posted by Nikon Raccoon (Guest) on September 9th, 2016, 6:39 am

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Green Reece's Pieces.
You mean Greece's Pieces?

posted by Marshal Banana (Guest) on September 9th, 2016, 11:23 pm

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@Salen: Hey, there are worse ways to go than a sugar coma.

posted by spudwalt (Guest) on September 11th, 2016, 7:12 pm

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